Florida Keys Land Surveying is an established land surveying firm serving Key West and the Florida Keys. The firm was established by Professional Surveyor and Mapper Eric Isaacs, and employs a team of the top land surveying professionals in the industry, with over 50 years of combined land surveying experience.

Mr. Isaacs believes that Land Surveying clients in the Florida Keys deserve a firm that places a heavy emphasis on professionalism and customer service while being precise in what we do. As the firm continues to grow, Florida Keys Land Surveying has remained true to this ideal and strives to treat each client and their project with the respect that it deserves.

Land surveying is a professional occupation and is treated as such by Florida Keys Land Surveying. We believe that each project needs to be treated individually as opposed to the cookie cutter, assembly line approach that many other firms utilize. There is not a one size fits all approach to land surveying, especially in the Florida Keys. Trust that Florida Keys Land Surveying will look at your specific project needs to generate a scope of work that best fits your individual requirements. We will give you a realistic, accurate time line for completion as well as a true estimate of cost and we will strive hard to honor both.

Located in Sugarloaf Key, our services are provided throughout the Florida Keys with an emphasis on the southern Keys from Big Pine Key to Key West.

Our professional, knowledgeable and fully equipped office staff, field crews and Auto-CAD draftsman strive to make your experience with Florida Keys Land Surveying as informative and enjoyable as possible. The surveying process starts with our expert field crews utilizing their knowledge along with the latest technology to complete the field work on you project. Once the field work is completed the data is returned to the office where it is analyzed with land development software. Once the data has been analyzed, all our surveys are professionally drafted using the latest Auto-CAD software. The entire process, from start to finish, is designed to ensure that your land survey project is completed with the highest degree of quality and accuracy.

Florida Keys Land Surveying is focused on excellent quality and precision to comply with every need you or your clients may have. Our surveying team is equipped with the leading technology necessary to perform and complete accurate, professional land surveys for use by engineers, architects, contractors, realtors, attorneys, closing agents and, of course, homeowners.